I came to photography almost as an accident. It involved a trip to Europe & a very basic digital camera. As soon as I had my images printed & in my hands, I was sold. I bought my first Nikon. I went on to study photography at the International Academy of Design in Tampa before transferring to the New England Institute of Art in Boston. While I primarily work in the digital world, I have a strong love for film and take that idea of the tangible portrait into the experience I bring to clients. I've been photographing families since 2010 and have clients through out the East Coast.


I am primarily a natural light, family photographer, however I take a select number of wedding clients each year. I prefer soft light & intimate connections. 

Taking photographs to me is about more than just a snapshot and Facebook post. It's the ability to stop time & reflect. Photography stirs something in me to capture moments in time; to provide tangible evidence of those things you never want to forget. Each of those moments should be loved & cherished - displayed for the world to see.

Photography gives me that magic power. 


  • Fine art, neutral colors & the ocean.
  • My amazing home office. It speaks to my very natural aesthetic and is the perfect space to connect with my work.
  • My incredible daughter. Everything I do is for her.

daily life

I'm currently located on the East Side of Providence, RI. I travel frequently to southern New Hampshire to visit family and love to travel anywhere. I have a deep, unwavering love for good coffee, the color gray & listening to music on vinyl.

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