The "Why" of Engagement Sessions | Providence Rhode Island Engagement Photographer

I was asked recently by a potential client what the real point to taking engagement photos was. And I immediately jumped to the answer most photographers will give: "It's a chance to get familiar with each other" or the good ole sales pitch - "they're perfect for save the dates!".

While both of those things are 110% true... there is a bigger factor. There is the REAL reason you should take engagement portraits. It's the real reason you should take family portraits and skip the extra hor d'oeuvres at the wedding and put that money towards a really amazing photographer instead...

These moments in time are so unbelievably small. Minuscule even, compared to your life as a whole. You blink and its over. The average engagement lasts about one year. One teeny, tiny year. If you live to be 80, that means its only 1.25% of your life.

That tiny portion of your life though - it's huge. You've chosen to spend your life with someone. You're announcing to the world that you love each other so much you never want to be apart.

Why wouldn't you want to have those teeny, tiny moments captured? 

Because the photographs that you take today - aren't for right now. They aren't even for a week from now.

They are for five years down the road when you're expecting your first child. They are for 20 years from now when your lives are completely different.

They are for your grandchildren to look back on and talk about how blissfully happy you were in those moments.

So that's the real reason. That's why you should photograph your engagement. Because who wouldn't want to remember every little detail about that time in your life?

Hallie Abacherli

Hallie Abacherli Studios, 25 Sessions St, Providence, RI, 02906, United States